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About Our Mapp


We know the environment is changing, people are changing and our taste of interior is changing. Beside that, we are changing  the way we gather informationNot only because search engines are getting very powerful, but also because we want to receive information quick and easy. Preferably on our mobile phones. We noticed that the outdated brochure standards did not improve at all. It’s even staying behind in a time of sustainable awareness. So we stand up and present you the solution: Our Mapp. If you want less paper, less waste and more sustainable products, you want Our Mapp, your city guide and tourist information center in your lobby, and gain more interaction and data from your guests.

Replace all the brochures by one mapp. You save a lot of paper and waste. Use Our Mapp as your own tourist information center.

You can promote your own deals or local activities to direct your guests to a local point of interest.

We all strive for a better world and do our very best to achieve good results. If you want to, we can inform your guests about what you achieve as a hotel(chain).

We are aware that some attractions are better for the environment than others. Because of that, the most ‘green’ options will make it on Our Mapp.

Read our story about sustainability by Impact Less

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