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Sustainability & COVID-19

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Old fashioned brochure stands aren't just unsanitary, they're also not very sustainable. A lot of the paper that's used ends up in the streets or in the garbage. That's a waste, because we live in a digital era. Let's do something about this!

If you want to change your phone number or location, you have to print and spread thousands of new folders. On top of all that, you might not even have enough storage for all these new folders.

Both of these issues are solved with Our Mapp. Other than that, our product is Corona-Proof.

Replace all brochures by Our Mapp. This is a tourist information center in your own lobby or hotel room.

Do you work with local partners? We can incorporate them in our products. This is also interesting regarding your Green Key points.

We want to help the environment. We are happy to inform you how you can do this with Our Mapp.

We prefer sustainable activities. This way, tourists will make green choices without even having to think about it.

Our products are easily used without any contact. This way you don't have to touch anything, and you still receive the information on your own phone.

Spread out the crowd in your reception area and guide them to Our Mapp. Your guests can receive information through the Mapp, App or TV in stead of standing in line.

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