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Product | OUR MAPP


Our Mapp is an interactive painting of your city. In the painting, which we call "Mapp", we place scannable icons of attractions, neighborhoods, tourist information and restaurants. Guests scan these icons to buy tickets, find directions and other essential information directly on their own phone.

This way, you can offer a contactless, innovative service. During the time of COVID-19 this way of sharing information feels like a breath of fresh air. Unburden your reception staff, spread the crowd and avoid long lines.

You can order our standard Our Mapp, the custom made version costs 950.- euros.
Ask us about all the possibilities.

Product | OUR APP


How do you connect with guests who want to avoid the crowded reception or check-in? How do you connect with guests when they're outside of the hotel? And how do you prepare them for their visit from their own home?

Use a web-application. The application does not require downloading and is custom made for you. The app raises in-house sales and service rate, as well as allows you to connect directly with your guests.

Starting from 49,- euros per month.

Our TV

Informatie van de Mapp en/of web-applicatie komt overeen met de informatie die je wil weergeven op narrowcasting/signage. Al onze producten zijn los van elkaar aan te schaffen, maar we kunnen ze ook met elkaar integreren. We maken in ieder geval een custom design zodat het past bij de beleving van het hotel. We verstrekken ook informatie over hotspots, stadsinformatie, restaurants en echte to do’s.

Sustainability & COVID-19

Sustainability is important to us. That's why with Our Mapp you can earn Green Key Points. Ask us about all the possibilities.

All our products fit the current situation that COVID-19 brought into the world. With our products, you can easily share information without direct contact, update information real-time and share hygiene policies - and so much more.