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We both think the hospitality branche is great to work in. Innovating technology, vibrant atmosphere, stunning interiors and excellent coffees. We noticed that a lot of elements keep improving and changing, except for the outdated brochure stands. They are not pretty and they are a waste of paper. Your guests will not be tempted by a pile of paper laying on a table. So we figuered, let’s make the tourist information part attractive, interesting and sustainable again! Engage with your guests and find out what they want to explore in your city. Custom made options make the Mapp suitable for your guests, and you even get rewarded on sustainability criteria. We love it, they love it, you’ll love it! 

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Typhoon Hospitality once started as a single desk and a bathtub full of spirit samples.Today, it’s a renowned international hospitality storytelling agency working their Marketing & PR magic for brands, venues and personalities all over the world. With a sustainable communication strategy as the starting point, Typhoon Hospitality makes sure every story is told and most importantly: heard! A dedicated team of professionals lives, breathes, eats and drinks hospitality brands to make the impossible possible. Typhoon Hospitality is founded in Amsterdam, but found all over the world. Through offices, local teams, licenses and great work. Watch out, Typhoon is no one-night-stand. They’re on their way to world domination…Would like to hear more? Let them know via info@typhoonhospitality.com

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Two creative women, with a strong will to be succesful are taking over the hospitality. Working together is the perfect fit: we call one of us the ‘nerd’ and the other the ‘commercial drive’. One of us is creative within design and solutions. The other has a solid and trusted network. One of us wants to work anywhere in the world and the other is based in Amsterdam. We meet through our believes on how we want to treat our customers and run the business. We believe in high service and flexibility. What else do you wish for? It’s a proven combination. 

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